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Thank you for supporting public transportation

People who use public transportation instead of taking their own cars benefit all of us. There’s less fossil fuel being consumed, less carbon and pollutants being produced, and less expensive wear and tear on the roads. But they tend to bear most of the expense and inconvenience of doing something we all benefit from.

Advertisers who support public transportation keep the fare prices lower. Advertising media such as billboards don’t provide benefit for anyone but the advertiser and the owner of the billboard, and they cause visual clutter than reduces everyone’s enjoyment of our cities and roadways. Advertisers who put display ads in/on buses, trains, bus shelters and subway concourses provide value to the users of public transportation, and by extension, to all of us.

So here’s a totally random list of advertisers I’ve noticed recently from reading SEPTA buses in Philadelphia. Not endorsements — never heard of some of you before seeing the ads on buses. But thanks for being good citizens, folks. And to everyone else, read the bus next to you at the stop light. The more effective public transit ads are, the more they will help prevent fare increases.

Cricket Wireless
Immaculata University
Cirque du Soleil
Independence Blue Cross
Dreamworks Pictures: The Croods
Firefly Music Festival
ParenteBeard Audit and Accounting
Gateway Health Plan
Titan Media

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