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Quarterly meeting at Haverford

The meetings of Haverford Quarterly Meeting (Haverford Monthly Meeting (on Buck Lane), Old Haverford Monthly Meeting (on Eagle Road), Merion Meeting, Radnor Meeting, Valley Meeting, and Newtown Square Meeting) will meet at Haverford Meeting on January 29 for our regular quarterly meeting. It will begin at 10:30 am with Meeting for Worship. There will be a lunch afterward, followed by a presentation by Sandy Green on the book The New Jim Crow and the formation of a local movement to address the problem of mass incarceration.

Quarterly meetings typically begin with meeting for business, with an agenda that addresses various issues and leadings of interest to members throughout the quarter. There will be a simultaneous program for children and usually one for teens. The business portion of the meeting is followed by a joint meeting for worship (in this case, held at 10:30 am). Meeting for worship is then followed by a luncheon, when members of the various meetings can catch up on common interests as well as socializing. The hosting meeting often will arrange an additional speaker or seminar following lunch for those interested.

(This quarter, the meeting will be abbreviated as there were no issues for the agenda.)

People curious about Quakerism are welcome to attend a quarterly meeting. It’s a good time to see the wide diversity of Quaker spirituality and practice, and it’s a time for fun and to meet nice people. The children’s programs are usually quite good at quarterly meetings, too.  (It’s not the best time to visit individual meetings for the first time, as they will be more sparsely attended that morning.)

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