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Jobs and Internships at FCNL

“Washington lobbyist” carries very negative connotations, but all citizens can petition the government, and those who are organized can do it more effectively. The Friends Committee on National Legislation lobbies on behalf of Quaker interests like peace, justice and the environment. They disseminate information about issues and solicit input for legislative priorities. They also have programs available for enrollment:


Spring Policy and Organizing Fellows

Fellowships are part of a pilot program that invites aspiring and early-career political organizers and policy professionals to build their skills around the legislative focus of the 2014 Spring Lobby Weekend: ending endless war. They apply for either the policy or organizing track of this pilot program.

Application Deadline: February 9, 2014
Program: March 22-25, 2014
Find out more about becoming a Spring Fellow


Summer Interns

These internships give participants a broad introduction to federal policy, grassroots organizing, and nonprofit management. Experiences vary, depending on what projects are going on at the FCNL office. Often interns work within a particular legislative issue area, but participants should arrive expecting to engage in a variety of tasks.

Application Deadline: March 1, 2014
Program: June 2-July 30, 2014
Find out more about becoming a Summer Intern


Spring Lobby Weekend

In the days after 9/11,Congress gave the president a “blank check” to conduct a global war on terror. This is the year to start ending the endless war. Spring Lobby Weekend participants will ask Congress to repeal the blank check that provides cover for drone strikes, expanding military action around the world, NSA spying and more.

Registration Fee: $50 ($25 for people with low incomes)
Housing and Transportation Subsidies: Limited and offered on a rolling basis
Program: March 22-25, 2014
Find out more about attending Spring Lobby Weekend


Program Assistants

As full-time members of FCNL’s staff for eleven months, program assistants get hands-on experience on a particular issue or in advocacy and organizing. The program is geared toward recent graduates and others at the beginning of their careers. Program assistants receive a subsistence salary, health care, and paid vacation and sick leave.  (The deadline for 2014-2015 has passed.)

Application Deadline: January 31
Program: August – July
Find out more about becoming a Program Assistant

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