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Overlooked in the Library: Anne Rice

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Listed Under: Fiction

Author: Anne Rice

Christ the Lord – Out of Egypt
Christ the Lord – Road to Cana

After winning fame and fortune writing tales of evildoers in her fabulously successful  Vampire
Chronicles,  Anne Rice goes back to her Christian roots and spins very compelling tales, based on the
Gospels and Biblical scholarship, to tell parts of the life of Jesus not included in the Bible. And as if that
weren’t enough of a challenge, she writes the two books in the first person, in Jesus’ voice. Her triumph is
that while accepting as fact that Jesus was God Incarnate, Rice smoothly and skillfully presents Him as
thoroughly human.

While the Bible jumps from Jesus as a newborn to the twelve-year-old questioning the scholars in the
temple, the first of the two books, Christ the Lord – Out of Egypt shows us a seven-year-old boy traveling
with his family,  hiding in Egypt, and returning home to Nazareth. He lives the typical day-to-day life of a child at that
time and place. But at the same time, he is trying to understand the frightening power He has to make miracles
and trying to learn who He truly is.

In the second book in the series, Christ the Lord – Road to Cana, we meet Jesus as a young man of
about thirty years, struggling with family drama and tormented by His love for a young woman.
We follow Him from his baptism by John, to the wedding where he performs what the Gospels record as his
first miracle, to when He completely accepts who He truly is and begins His Ministry.

If you’re familiar with Rice’s work, you’re in for a surprise as she changes her writing style to one
much more clean and simple, almost austere. Whether you’re familiar with her other work or not, you’re in
for a treat!

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