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Earth Quaker Action Team Marching for Green Jobs in PA

The Earth Quaker Action Team (EQAT) will be staging a 100 mile walk through Philadelphia-area counties to challenge PECO to meet a goal of 20% solar energy sources by 2025.  They will be joined by members of Merion Friends Meeting’s Beliefs into Action Committee.

Reducing our  reliance on carbon-based fossil fuels helps limit climate change. It is also a smart investment when fossil fuels will become increasingly expensive in the future, as we consume them far faster than they are naturally replenished.

EQAT is also highlighting the potential for a solar energy initiative to provide high-quality jobs. Many areas of Philadelphia and its surrounding counties previously had well-paying, high-skill industrial jobs in industries that have since moved or closed.  Solar energy can provide jobs in our area for decades to come.

Information on how to join the walk or support the participants is on the EQAT website:

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