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Lower Merion’s Anti-Horse Thieves Society Dinner

We’d like to put in a plug for The Lower Merion Society for the Detection and Prosecution of Horse Thieves and the Recovery of Stolen Horses (Est. 1818). Their 193rd Annual Meeting is Saturday, November 12, 2011 at the Cynwyd Club. They were one of our partners in our recent History Festival, helping make it such a great success.

“Though no longer pursuing stolen horses The Lower Merion Horse Company still holds an annual meeting the second Saturday in November where we celebrate our continued existence with a meal following a menu served at early annual meetings.

“The menu for the annual dinner became fixed as a menu of ‘Oisters’ Fried, Raw, and Oyster Stew, sometimes with Scalloped oysters as well, followed by turkey with oyster stuffing and trimmings.”

EmailĀ  to reserve a spot and for more info. Annual membership is $10.

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